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Competition Coatings - Pistons
power your engine up
The advantage of coating pistons with BOTH Ceramic Thermal Barrier and Dry Film friction reducing coatings are:

Pistons are the engines weakest link when it comes to heat. How often will you read of competitors dropping out of races because of burned pistons. All good engine builders know that tunig an engine for “optimum lean”, maximizes horsepower by generating more heat in the combustion chamber. However, if too lean a mixture is run, pistons will be heat damaged (black death, skirt scuffing, “holed” pistons or missing top ring gland). Oxygen and fuel is spark ignited under compression to generate heat. The heat causes gaseous products of combustion to expand rapidly, forcing the piston downwards for the power stroke. Generating more heat causes more gas volume expansion (more H.P) but can also melt or burn aluminum pistons. Leaning down the air-fuel mixture to where oxygen is proportionally too high can cause metal to be burned away (oxidized), just like an oxy-acetylene cutting torch. Competition Coatings Ceramic Thermal Barrier will insulate from excessive heat and effectively protect from oxidation.    This page last modified Monday March 11, 2013 at 07:36:30 PM