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Intake manifolds
power your engine up
The advantages of coating intake manifolds with a combination of coatings is that it allows intake manifolds to run cooler, there by enhancing performance.

The bottom and head flange areas are coated with a lubricated thermal barrier.This coating will dissipate heat more rapidly then bare metal. In addition to allowing the manifold to "run cooler" the coating provides excellent protection against corrosion and is unaffected by fuels and solvents normally used around the engine. the rest of the manifold exterior is coated with a ceramic thermal barrier and is a must, where higher bonnet temperatures are a problem. Manifolds coated in this way will provide a denser air/fuel mixture and improved performance.

The process of coating intake manifolds is applicable to all cast iron and aluminium manifolds, or any custom fabricated intake such as the one shown above    This page last modified Monday March 11, 2013 at 07:36:30 PM