Competition Coatings QLD is based on the South side of Brisbane specializing in all aspects of application of the various coatings on engine parts, exhausts, brakes, turbos, superchargers, radiators, etc. for various industries.


A metallic ceramic coating that provides the best corrosion protection of any exhaust system. It has been tested to over 760C base metal temperatures – 870C exhaust gas temperatures. It polishes to a chrome like finish. It is water based with no flammable solvents. It can be applied to any metal except magnesium and diecast.

Thermal Dispersant

Rapidly disperses heat away from a coated component and evenly distributes heat over a coated surface. It aids in cooling heat sensitive parts and is excellent for intake manifolds, Valve Covers, brake components, oil pans etc. It has very good chemical and corrosion resistance.

Thermal Barrier Coating

Excellent thermal characteristics, while increasing combustion chamber efficiency through more oxidation of fuel, it provides minimal transfer of residual chamber heat to incoming fuel mass.

Thermal Barrier coating on piston crown surface reduces the heat transfer rate within the piston that results in increase of engine efficiency. This coating is ideal for coating:

  • Combustion Chambers
  • Exhaust ports
  • Inlet and Exhaust Valves

Turbo X

An extreme temperature exhaust system coating designed especially for Turbo Manifolds, Housings and Rotary exhausts. It will also reduce temperatures under the bonnet and on the exhaust manifold surface.

Moly Teflon

The moly coating’s true benefit is reduction of friction, which prolongs part life and reduces operating friction, and it naturally frees available horsepower. A moly skirt coating on pistons is not specifically designed to reduce heat, but because it reduces friction, heat is potentially reduced as a direct by-product. 

A moly skirt coating improves cold-engine startups; the moly coating prevents skirt scuffing that might otherwise repeatedly occur in that situation. Mainly used on:

  • Piston skirts
  • Supercharger rotors

Providing service to following market sectors:

   -Automotive – V8 Supercars, Street cars, Hot Rods, Motorbikes, Drag Cars, Circuit Racing, Push Bikes, Vintage Restorations and Go Karts.